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Black liberation movement

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: I couldn't find a good heading specifically for Black civil rights, so I created this heading (SV - 2023-01-19)

Found in 13 Collections and/or Records:

all ready on the LEFT (vol. 1, no. 2), 1970-09

Scope and Contents "We're the Cops of the World" [lyrics]; "Cliff on Trial" [Cliff Mansker, Black Marine in confinement]; "Flash!!!" [unity bands]; "Brig Pigs' Gig" [Camp Pendleton brig; imprisoned soldiers physically forced to remove their Black unity bands]; "Tell It To The Left" [Marine Corps "lifers"]; "Fort Hood" [rebellion of 250 Black GIs at Ft. Hood, July 26]; "Oceanside Hi ROTC"; "Peace" [Marines at Camp Pendleton charged with making obscene gestures (peace sign)]; "Liberty or Death" [Marin County...
Dates: Publication: 1970-09

all ready on the LEFT (vol. 1, no. 3), 1970-12

Scope and Contents "Merry Christmas" [cartoon of Nixon in Santa sled dropping bombs on Southeast Asia]; "Ameri-Cong" [Michael Sweeney]; "Sky-ing" [Rafaelle Minichiello]; "Beware" [marijuana use on Camp Pendleton]; "Hitler Wore a Mustache Too!" [new head of Navy, Zumwalt]; "Cliff Blanks Corps 1-0" [Cliff Mansker, organizer of the Black Unity Party at Camp Pendleton, had charges dropped against him for three charges]; "...on weatherman watch?" [Marines told to look out for bombings]; "the bombs aren't aimed at...
Dates: Publication: 1970-12

Attitude Check (vol. 2, no. 1), 1970-02

Scope and Contents "Military Moratorium Huge Success: 1,000 Marines March in Oceanside" [march on Recreation Park in Oceanside]; "Political Prisoner: M.D.M Member Busted" [active member of Movement for a Democratic Military, Black Marine Wallace Emory]; "Where have all the taxes gone?" [willful destruction of equipment in Vietnam]; "Red Brothers Rising" [Native American liberation]; "Cry, Pvt. Dunkybird, Cry"; "Base Legal Raps: UCMJ Eats It"; "Political Prisoner Speaks to GI's" [reprinted from the Black...
Dates: Publication: 1970-02

Attitude Check (vol. 2, no. 3), 1970-04

Scope and Contents "USMC suck" [cover art]; "Vancouver, Canada: 1000 march for MDM"; "The Dead Fish Award"; "listen brothers..." [military police stop Oceanside bus, find MDM article on author]; "Panthers and Jane Fonda: MDM Open House" [Fonda and Robert Bryan of the Black Panther Party came to M.D.M. open house at 519 S. Freeman, Oceanside]; "MDM Raps to the People" [meeting by Movement for a Democratic Military at Santa Fe Railroad station for the Green Machine Project, a group of civilans helping set up...
Dates: Publication: 1970-04

Black Unity, 1970-08 to 1970-09

Scope and Contents

Library holdings consist of two issues, August and September of 1970. Issue contain artwork and writing relevant to the Black liberation movement, with a perspective tuned to Black service members.

Dates: Publication: 1970-08 to 1970-09

Black Unity (vol. 1, no. 1), 1970-08

Scope and Contents [cover contains artowrk of Black soldier raising rifle in a pose of victory, with text including "We want all Black people to be exempt from military service" and "Free Bobby"]; "from MERCENARY to SERVANT of the PEOPLE" [written by June Hilliard, Asst. Chief of Staff, Black Panther Party]; "to my BLACK BROTHERS" [Black armed revolution/separatism]; "Copliments [sic] to Black Brothers"; "Revolution in the U.S."; "The Trial of Los Siete" [trial of Los Siete de la Raza (Jose Rios, Nelson...
Dates: Publication: 1970-08

Black Unity (vol. 1, no. 2), 1970-09

Scope and Contents "We want all Black men to be exempt from military service"; "Cliff Mansker, Prisoner of War, Camp Pendelton Brig USMC; To go from mercenary to servant of the people" [article about Cliff Mansker, held in Camp Pendleton's maximum security unit for Black liberatory activities]; "U.S. Prisoners of War" [Soledad Brothers (George Jackson, Fleeta Drumgo, and John Cluchette); Bobby Seale; Chip Fitzgerald (Romaine "Chip" Fitzgerald); Los Siete De La Raza (Jose Rios, Nelson Rodriguez, Mario Martinez,...
Dates: Publication: 1970-09

Dare to Struggle (Street Journal & San Diego Free Press), 1970-08-21 to 1970-10-09

Scope and Contents Dare to Struggle was published as an insert to the Street Journal & San Diego Free Press, a semi-regular weekly underground newspaper. Dare to Struggle was focused on Black liberation, and contained news, editorials, and other writing intended for San Diego's Black community. It was also published as the Black Community News Service, and issues of the Street Journal & San Diego Free Press preceding and after Dare to Struggle's publication also covered issues of importance to Black...
Dates: Publication: 1970-08-21 to 1970-10-09

Good Morning Teaspoon (Vol. 4, No. 3), 1968-02-21

Scope and Contents "'Hip' Barred at Border" [satirical article about hippies being turned away by Mexican authories]; "Black Student Council Honors Malcom X"; "Sailors Duped in Pot Bust: 11 Charged"; "Free Huey [Newton, Minister of Defense, Black Panther Party]; "SMC Conference Student Strike" [Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam]; "Irresolute Faculty Does It Again" [Faculty Senate at San Diego State College defeat Vietnam War resolutions]; "You're Free To Go" [police harassment at traffic...
Dates: Publication: 1968-02-21

Prensa Popular (vol. 1, no. 4), 1974-03-05

Scope and Contents "Chicano Community Fights Deportations" [Interview with Herman Baca, Chicano activist, includes photographs]; "Boycott Demonstrators Picket Gallo H.Q." [mass picket at Gallo Headquarters in Los Angeles; contains photographs]; "Black Nationalism: 'Counter-Revolutionary and Proud'"; "Hero Worship: A Form of Oppression"; "Class Struggle Main Theme of Chicano Conference" [16th Annual High School Chicano Conference, San Diego State University. Keynote speaker was Bert Corona]; "Middle East Issue...
Dates: Publication: 1974-03-05