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Student movements

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: For individual students involved in movements, use the subject heading student protestors.

Found in 11 Collections and/or Records:

all ready on the LEFT (vol 2., no. 1), 1971-04

Scope and Contents "Calley: War Criminal or Hero?" [William Calley, found guilty of 22 Vietnamese civilian prisoners]; "the Other Side of the POW Story" [recollection of Virginia R. Warner of the National League of Families of Prisoners of War; "Welcome to the Brig" [the brig as institutionalized fear tactic in the Marines]; "A Laosy Invasion"; "Back to the Old KKKorps" [change on base, harassment]; "Mutiny at Khe Sahn"; [cartoons]; "People's Peace Treaty: Joint Treaty of Peace Between the People of the United...
Dates: Publication: 1971-04

Carreon, Daniela. Interview, 2023-04-06

Scope and Contents

Daniela Carreon is alumna of California State University San Marcos, where she worked with the Cross-Cultural Center (CCC) and other student organizations such as MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Xicanx de Aztlán). In this interview, Daniela discusses her involvement with the CCC, campus changes, and her current work and goals as a sociology PhD student.

Dates: 2023-04-06

Prensa Popular, 1973-11-26 to 1974-08

Scope and Contents

Library holdings consist of four issues, vol 1, numbers 2, 3, 4, and 9. Includes local and state coverage of issues important to the Chicano community.

Dates: Publication: 1973-11-26 to 1974-08

Prensa Popular (vol. 1, no. 2), 1973-11-26

Scope and Contents "Chicanos and Arabs... Victims of Aggression"; "Pete Wilson Blind To Deportations, Seeks Political Power Instead" [police Chief Ray Hoobler and mass deportations; profile of Mayor Pete Wilson's rise to power in San Diego and actions against Chicano community]; "UC-MECHA Conference" [discord at conference at UC-Riverside for state-wide U.C. Mechas, included in article are the majority position and minority position from conference regarding the ideology of U.C. Mecha, and a critique by the...
Dates: Publication: 1973-11-26

Prensa Popular (vol. 1, no. 3), 1974-01-29

Scope and Contents "Braceros Sought Amidst Deportations" [talk of reopening Bracero program or something similar, exploitation of farm labor]; "Partial Israeli Withdrawl No Solution"; "L.J. [La Jolla] Council Fears Minority Pollution" [La Jolla Town Council asked to endorse UCSD Third College]; "Third or Muir???" [UCSD Third College proposal to eliminate "basic three quarter sequence of Third World Studies, Urban and Rural Studies and Communication"]; "Letters"; UFW Report [Gallo wine strike]; "Boycott...
Dates: Publication: 1974-01-29

Prensa Popular (vol. 1, no. 4), 1974-03-05

Scope and Contents "Chicano Community Fights Deportations" [Interview with Herman Baca, Chicano activist, includes photographs]; "Boycott Demonstrators Picket Gallo H.Q." [mass picket at Gallo Headquarters in Los Angeles; contains photographs]; "Black Nationalism: 'Counter-Revolutionary and Proud'"; "Hero Worship: A Form of Oppression"; "Class Struggle Main Theme of Chicano Conference" [16th Annual High School Chicano Conference, San Diego State University. Keynote speaker was Bert Corona]; "Middle East Issue...
Dates: Publication: 1974-03-05

San Diego Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 23), 1969-03-28

Scope and Contents "Canada Still Open" [Canada not closed to American military deserters]; "S.D. Police Store Fronts: Not a Spy System, Says Officer" [interview with four BIPOC police aides at the Police Community Relations Office, 2963 Imperial Avenue; police aides police aides were young men who worked with kids at teen centers and boys' clubs, and would be assigned to work at the central police station and to ride alongs. Aides intended to become police officers]; "bag of beads: Hayakawa, the Little...
Dates: Publication: 1969-03-28

San Diego Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 25), 1969-04-24

Scope and Contents "Sexual Freedom Comes to S.D." [New local chapter of Sexual Freedom League holds first open house meeting; Tom Palmer, Executive Director, spoke]; Schools in Turmoil" [Lincoln High School campus closure, Black and Chicanx student walkouts at other campuses, student protests, class boycotts]; "Sexual Freedom Bill" [fact sheet on Assembly Bill 743, Assemblymen Brown and Burton]; "Dr. John Ford on Lincoln Hassle" [Ford was a member of the State Board of Education, he spoke regarding the police...
Dates: Publication: 1969-04-24

San Diego Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 26), 1969-05-08

Scope and Contents [reprinted pictorial from Harper's Weekly "Military Glory"]; "Hippie Rebellion" [Dr. Kingsley Widmer, teacher at San Diego State College, talks with the Door about the day's youth]; "Editorial: Poverty"; "mother's day"; "bag of beads: the abominable body" [satire about clothing and nakedness]; "Freedom of the Press at Clairemont High" [Clairmont High School attempts to start a student paper]; "Report on SDS National Council" [Students for a Democratic Society gives support to Black Panther...
Dates: 1969-05-08

San Diego Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 28), 1969-06-05

Scope and Contents "Escaped Marine Desperados Terrorize San Diego" [interview with Pvt. Timothy Eckman, Pvt. James Sanford, and Pvt. Larry Deardorff, escapees from the Maine Corps Recruit Depot Brig]; "Bag of beads" [Subersive Progress Report, Encounter, The Generation Chasm]; "Letters to Editor"; "Love Is A Four Letter Word: Shit"; "Large Class Size Spoils School Program" [Mangelson School]; "New Left, Old Left, What's Left?"; "Hippocrates" [effects of tear gas]; "Co-ops are coming" [grocery co-op in...
Dates: 1969-06-05