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Peace movements

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Here are entered works on social movements advocating peace. Works on the renunciation on moral grounds of offensive or defensive military action are entered under Pacifism.

Found in 13 Collections and/or Records:

all ready on the LEFT (vol. 1, no. 1), 1970-08

Scope and Contents [cover art of minoritized peoples and laborers holding flag with text "we are all out-laws in the eyes of America"]; "If you dig doing this, you'll have to..." [journal entry from Marine Corps member]; "Serve the People, Stop the Pig" [testimony of journey into peace movement by Marine and M.D.M. member]; "Pigleton censorship fucks you!" [Main Exchange records, books, patriotic bumperstickers, and similar items for sale]; "America: Where Are You Now?" [red-baiting and racial division]; "Dare...
Dates: Publication: 1970-08

Attitude Check, 1970-02 to 1970-06

Scope and Contents

Library holdings are four issues, one of which is an undated special issue, ca. 1970.

Dates: Publication: 1970-02 to 1970-06

Good Morning Teaspoon, 1968-02-21

Scope and Contents

San Diego State College student newspaper with coverage of anti-war and counterculture movements. Later turned into a tabloid format newspaper that merged with the San Diego Door, another San Diego underground newspaper, becoming the Teaspoon Door.

Library holdings consist of one issue, February 21, 1968.

Dates: Publication: 1968-02-21

OB People's Rag; OB Rag, 1972-11, 1972-12, and 1975-03

Scope and Contents

Library's holdings are three issues.

Dates: Publication: 1972-11, 1972-12, and 1975-03

OB People's Rag (vol. 3, no. 5), 1970-11

Scope and Contents "Narc Narc," "Del Mar trial begins [regarding anti-war demonstration; Peter Bohmer, Bill Haiber, Peter Mahone, Tom Kozden]," "OB Town Council," "Beach Clean-up," "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [Nixon victory in presidential election]," "Newport St. Riot - The Aftermath," "The Tyranny of the Board [employee termination by Inbetween board of directors]," "All of them feel that alleviating the oppression of women is worthy of their energy; all them, in some degree, are angry [Women's...
Dates: Publication: 1970-11

OB People's Rag (vol. 3, no. 6), 1970-12

Scope and Contents "We're All Found Guilty [Del Mar trial regarding anti-war demonstration; Peter Bohmer, Bill Haiber, Peter Mahone, Tom Kozden]," "OB Flashes," "Green O.B.," The people answer [re: Green O.B.], "Nobody Asked the Community! [growth, development, gentrification]," "Sunset Towers: Ocean-front condominiums on Sunset Cliffs; Obeach Fights Back," "Winter Solstice," "Some friendly suggestions for holiday gifts and alternatives," " How Shall We Celebrate Our Holidays?" "Don't buy the air war," "The...
Dates: Publication: 1970-12

San Diego Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 23), 1969-03-28

Scope and Contents "Canada Still Open" [Canada not closed to American military deserters]; "S.D. Police Store Fronts: Not a Spy System, Says Officer" [interview with four BIPOC police aides at the Police Community Relations Office, 2963 Imperial Avenue; police aides police aides were young men who worked with kids at teen centers and boys' clubs, and would be assigned to work at the central police station and to ride alongs. Aides intended to become police officers]; "bag of beads: Hayakawa, the Little...
Dates: Publication: 1969-03-28

San Diego Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 24), 1969-04-11

Scope and Contents "Shit in the Bay" [sewage contamination in Mission Bay]; "Peace Rallies" [anti-war rally at Balboa Park, April 5th]; "Los Angeles Easter March" [violence between protestors, Nazis, and right-wing Cubans]; "bag of beads"; "Welfare Today"; "Letters to Editor"; "Layman's ABM Manual" [reprint from Distant Drummer regarding anti-ballistic missle systems]; "Book Review" [The Strange Case of James Earl Ray]; "Love vs. Personal Identity" [reprint from Distant Drummer on Paul Bindrim's nude therapy...
Dates: Publication: 1969-04-11

San Diego Free Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 38), 1969-10-23

Scope and Contents "The Big Lie Laid On Children" [Cycle of socialization of middle-class American values]; "Iconoclastic Spastic: Spastic Solves the Problems of Ecology"; "Letters to the Editor"; "XEMO, A Racist Station" [San Diego AM radio station]; "Book Review" [Star Sine Make it / Richard Brautigan]; "Can a Black Make It?" [Black people in politics]; "CIC to Continue?" [Citizens Interracial Committee, San Diego]; "Wanta Go to Vietnam?"; "The Frustration Wall" [popular hang out for youth in Ocean Beach...
Dates: Publication: 1969-10-23

Street Journal, 1969-12-05; 1971-02-17 to 1972-02-15

Scope and Contents

Library holdings of the Street Journal are December 5, 1969 and a run of the paper from February 17, 1971 to February 15, 1972. Library holdings likely contain gaps.

Dates: Publication: 1969-12-05; 1971-02-17 to 1972-02-15