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LGBTQ+ activism

Subject Source: Unspecified ingested source
Scope Note: Source is Homosaurus. Direct action and organizing to achieve political or social change and acceptance for LGBTQ+ people.

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

Disposti, Max. Interview, 2022-04-26

Identifier: SC027-14
Scope and Contents

Max Disposti is the founder and Executive Director of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center. In this interview, Max discusses his upbringing in Rome, Italy as a queer male and his experience coming to the U.S. and his quest to open the Resource Center. Max Disposti also talks about the parallels in how the LGBTQ+ community is treated in Italy in comparison to America.

Dates: 2022-04-26

Franklin, Jay. Interview , 2023-04-12

Identifier: SC027-026
Scope and Contents

Jay Franklin was a peer mentor at the Cross-Cultural Center at CSUSM during the early days of the program and university. He was instrumental in the creation of many of the programs and early marketing campaigns for the center, and worked as a peer educator to provide what we would now call intersectional support for LGBTQ+ students. Eventually, he made his way back to CSUSM, where he now works in the Dean of Student Affairs office.

Dates: 2023-04-12

Los Angeles Free Press (vol. 8, no. 40), 1971-10-01

Scope and Contents "Ex-Nazi Propogandist Now GOP Committee Advisor" [Dr. Joseph Pauco]; "Last Monterey Folk Festival Held"; "The Airplane's $40,000 time-warp party"; "Robin Hood strikes in Latin America"; "Are Mary, Don, Betty and Pete ready for group marriage?"; "What is really happening in Northern Ireland? An interview with an Irish revolutionary"; "San Diego millionaire pulled strings to bring Republican Convention home" [C. Arnholt Smith]; "City of Angels: Sufism-Yoga-Theosophy"; "Abby Hoffman: I quit the...
Dates: Publication: 1971-10-01

PINAYtration (issue #3), March 2000

Scope and Contents Cover; frontmatter; "from one (1) pinay to (2) another"; "Like Air"; "Motherland"; "censUS 2000" [information on 2000 census provided by the California Asian & Pacific Islander Census 2000 Network]; "An Open Letter"; "Voices of an Asian...Pilipina...American...Woman...of color..."; "speaking in tongues"; "inheritance"; "Now Hear Me Out Loud"; "Untitled" [poem]; "Untitled" [poem]; "No on Knight Prop 22" [2000 California Proposition 22]; "NO on Prop 21, the Anti-Youth Initiative" [2000...
Dates: March 2000

Pronovost, Leea. Interview, 2022-04-08

Identifier: SC027-18
Scope and Contents Leea Pronovost is a transgender activist and has been advocating for transgender and LGBTQ+ rights since coming out after a near-death experience in 2006. Pronovost began her work in activism in Massachusetts and partnered with a variety of organizations where she worked to help the queer community in areas such as LGBTQ+ education, housing, and hospital rights. She also worked for the Transgender Law Center and the Trans Lifeline. Now residing in Vista, CA, Pronovost is a staff member at...
Dates: 2022-04-08

San Diego Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 32), 1969-07-31

Scope and Contents "Teacher Fights School Board: Educators Show Contempt For First" [Robert W. Holden's challenge of the San Diego Unified School District over First Ammendment grounds]; "Door Reporter Gets Marined" [Door reporter Herb Joseph detained on way to attend trial of Seaman Thomas Csekey, chared with passing out copies of the "Bond" an antiwar serviceman's newspaper; offense alleged to have happened at Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, Arizona.]; "Bag of Beads" [Apollo 11; John Birchers; Encounter;...
Dates: 1969-07-31

San Diego Free Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 40), 1969-11-20

Scope and Contents "Moratorum March" [account of Vietnam Moratorium March in San Diego]; "Police Take Bait" [Arrest of Tom Forcade, Underground Free Press Syndicate, at picketing of convention of Sigma Delta Chi, journalistic fraternal society]; "Progress Toward Peace" [Images of peace marches from 1968 and 1969]; "Kill a Queer for Christ" [San Francisco violence against demonstration]; bag of beads: Hey, Hey, Peter Kay [sic], How Many People Did You Screw Today?" [regarding Peter Kaye's "Under 30" show on...
Dates: Publication: 1969-11-20

San Diego Free Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 43), 1970-01-01

Scope and Contents "Local Green Berets Strike Again--Free Door Victimized" [vandalism, San Diego Steet Journal and Free Door to Liberation]; "Meanies Attack Street Journal" [vandalism, San Diego Street Journal]; "San Diego Business Association Newsletter" [meeting notes and goals]; "PFP Plans Convention" [Peace and Freedom Party]; "Red Man Rising Peace Pipe or War Drums?" [Native American liberation]; "Sanity Now!" [peace-activist education center, LaPuente, California]; "Support the Underground Press";...
Dates: Publication: 1970-01-01

San Diego Free Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 46), 1970-02-12

Scope and Contents "Biliard [sic] Den Bust" [police harrasment at Pacific Beach Billiard Den]; "MDM Harassed" [Movement for Democratic Military harassment by San Diego police and San Diego shore patrol]; [front page article about planting freet trees at the Alpine, California retreat for Universal Life Church]; "Mission Undraftable" [draft system]; "Rumor Control Center in South East S.D." [community organization]; "S.D. Starves School Kids" [school child hunger and malnutrition in San Diego]; "[Jesse] Ramirez...
Dates: Publication: 1970-02-12

San Diego Free Door to Liberation (vol. 1, no. 47), 1970-02-26

Scope and Contents "CONSPIRACY" [front-cover artwork]; "Police Harass [San Diego] Free Door out of its biggest advertiser? [Pussycat Theaters]; "Save the [Torrey] Pines"; NEXUS [encounter group] Alive In San Diego"; "San Diego Panther Rap" [Interview with Los Angeles Black Panther Jimmie Johnson in San Diego to organize local chapter]; "Taxes"; "Black Bank" [prospective minority-owned bank to be located in Logan Heights, San Diego]; "Parturiting Papas" [article for local resource Childbirth Education...
Dates: Publication: 1970-02-26